People who have never experienced a car accident are shocked to hear just how long the recovery process can take.

accidentWith forces such as whiplash, our bodies are not designed to withstand a change in velocity like a car accident.  When your neck is thrown forward, backward or to the side the muscles on the opposite side literally pull and shred from the force.  They begin to build up adhesions between the muscle fibers as the body attempts to recover.  These adhesions along with inflammation are the reason it becomes difficult to turn your head, rotate your wrist, bend forward at the waist or any other combination of movement that may become restricted after a serious injury.


Efficient Approach to Treatment

It is essential to begin treatment on these muscle adhesions as soon as possible whether it be ice and electric muscle stimulation during the initial inflammation stage and/or Active Release Techniques when the inflammation is decreased.  Active Release Techniques help restore normal motion in the tissue and joints by breaking up scar tissue and loosening the muscle contractures.  This is how the chiropractors at Norwood Chiropractic help decrease the average case length.  Simply adjusting a patient is a thing of the past because this addresses more of the actual joints rather than the muscles associated.  Adjustments are essential to helping with motor vehicle accidents but it is the combination of the adjustment and muscle, ligament, and tendon work that work more efficiently.


Treating Global Injuries

Motor Vehicle accidents can compare to a sports injury (sprains/strains). The exception is accident injuries tend to be global, much like having multiple sprains and strains. So why use a different approach than those used for sports injuries?  The answer is obvious; you wouldn’t!  The goal in both cases is to get back to normal activity and restore the body so the patient has pain free range of motion as quickly as possible.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain related to these types of injuries please call and schedule an appointment to see how you can benefit from our innovative treatment techniques.
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