How To Fix “Text Neck”

Today we are using our cell phones for more than just a simple call. We can search the Internet, order groceries, deposit a check, and still answer that phone call all from the comfort of our mobile device. It is pretty convenient, right?

Sometimes you pay a price for convenience.  As you spend more time looking down to connect, check, respond, schedule, browse, etc. you may not realize you are asking your tissues to work 3-4 times harder.

Recent studies have shown that there has been an increase in the correlation between neck pain and cell phone and tablet use.  The head weighs roughly 10 pounds.  As posture worsens, the head becomes heavier and significantly more strain is placed upon the tissues.

The image (FIGURE 1) above shows how the weight of the head increases 10 pounds for every one inch of forward head posture.  When we are looking down at our phones we are asking the muscles in our neck to support not 10 pounds, but 32-42 pounds.

This neck pain, called Upper Crossed Syndrome has recently been termed “Text Neck”. The increase in this flexed posture will cause some muscles to become weak and others to become tight leaving us in a “slumped” or “hunched” over position and uncomfortable pain in the neck and shoulder region.

“The best way to treat ‘text neck’ is to fix the dysfunctions from looking down and address the poor posture.  Some medical professionals will prescribe medication to take the pain away. This fails to fix the causes and merely hides the symptoms. The general idea to recognize the poor posture, correct the dysfunctions by strengthening the weak muscles and relaxing the muscles that are tight. This will neutralize the hunched position and decrease pain throughout your neck.”  -Dr. Amanda Suchko

One of the most useful  therapies in helping to decrease tight musculature associated with “text neck” is Active Release Technique (ART). ART will loosen up the musculatore and improve mobility throughout your spine. Some cases of “text neck” can be fixed WITHOUT ANY “CRACKING OR POPPING” of the neck.

Proper treatment will strengthen the weak musculature, loosen the tight musculature and restore normal range of motion throughout the neck and shoulders. With a series of postural exercises, such as chin retractions, the weak musculature will strengthen and help to neutralize posture and lessen the compensation between musculature.

-Dr. Amanda Suchko, DC ART

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