Aches, Pains, and injury are not only taxing on the sufferer both mentally and physically- they are also taxing on the wallets of employers both large and small. Workman’s compensation claims eat up an astonishing amount of dollars in the workplace and industries are now working on becoming proactive instead of reactive in the way they handle well-being and injury of the employees.  Active Release Technique is becoming instrumental in saving businesses thousands and thousands of dollars by working as a wellness partner before employees get to a place where they need to stop working and file a claim.  Because ART is considered by workers compensation to be a form of first aid it can be used on an employee and not trigger an OSHA recordable.

Norwood Chiropractic is an Elite Active Release Technique Provider (ART) and we work in conjunction with ART corporate solutions. Through ART corporate solutions we have business contracts where we go into the workplace and provide care on-site each week to help keep the employees healthy and ward off unnecessary medical expenses for the business. Each week the business allows employees to come in and receive treatment and we chart, take notes, etc.  We have many ways to track progress and savings by the employer and provide the employee with graphs and statistics to show this progress.

The success of these programs has been incredible in terms of “fixing injuries”, managing pain, and saving businesses valuable dollars.

The ART Corporate Solutions range from factory settings where the employees have a physically demanding day with repetitive movements, to office settings where the employees have neck and upper back pain from sitting at a desk on a daily basis.  In addition to working with corporate solutions we are also able to provide a wellness plan for your businesses on any scale. ART Corporate Solutions currently has over 300 contracts nation wide and is quickly becoming the norm.  Please feel free to contact one of our doctors for more information and statistics.

Dr. Richard  Yost

Dr. Richard Yost

DC, ART Provider

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