Dr. Ryan DeBell’s 30 Day Movement Challenge: A Novel Approach to Improving Functional Movement in Athletes

One of the most common ways athletes end up with training injuries is by performing repetitive movements with poor loading mechanisms. In other words, they will frequently load their tendons, ligaments, or joints inefficiently, often while attempting to improve their game by training. Inevitably, if you have participated at any level of organized competitive sports, there’s a good chance you can sympathize with someone who “strained their back” performing a deadlift during the football off-season, or a runner who has sharp lateral knee pain, but only when running. These types of injuries are especially prevalent at the high school level. Recent observational studies have identified that nearly half of youth sports injuries occur due to overuse, some of which is a product of poor loading mechanisms.

So how can we, as non-professional athletes, find a way to avoid these injuries without a team of costly, highly qualified professional trainers and therapists at our disposal?

Cue the intro music, hype man, and fog generator… step forth Dr. Ryan DeBell

Dr. Ryan DeBell is a chiropractor with an exceptional mind for fixing movement dysfunction in athletes. He has spent endless hours developing a website with unbelievable content at themovementfix.com and the content is made available for the convenient price of free through his numerous blog videos. Recently, one of the doctors at Norwood Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center had the opportunity to work with Dr. DeBell personally at a workshop he hosted in Cincinnati.

“Dr. Ryan DeBell provided me with invaluable insight into the injuries I see in the clinic every day. His workshops are extremely valuable for athletes participating in any arena of competition, and also for healthcare practitioners dedicated to helping athletes return to health.” – Dr. Erik Nabi

One of the best resources Dr. DeBell has generated for athletes and patients alike to begin the journey towards functional movement and injury prevention can be found in the “30 for 30 Movement Challenge”. The Movement Challenge provides daily mobility and strengthening exercises to reinforce a strong foundation in athletes. The 30 for 30 Movement Challenge is a PDF complete with corresponding daily videos that can be downloaded from his site for only the cost of providing your name and email address. Here is a link to the PDF: http://themovementfix.com/category/30-for-30-movement-challenge/

So beat the statistics, stay healthy, and uncover the best kept secret our doctors love in The Movement Fix.