Cincinnati Massage Therapy For Total Wellness

When people think of massage therapy they often think only of relaxation – a day at the spa. Massage therapy offers benefits that go far beyond a relaxing afternoon.

A skilled massage therapist is adept at identifying the areas where you carry your stress inside your muscles. Professional manipulation of these areas promotes blood flow and the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s not uncommon to feel pain in one area that is actually radiating from tense and tight muscles elsewhere in the body. So while you might feel pain in your legs, the source could actually be knots of tension in your lower back.

Massage therapy as part of a wellness program offers great benefits in preventive care. Regular massage helps keep muscles pliable and less susceptible to injury and strain. It also forces the client to take a time-out to truly listen to their body and the messages it may be sending.

While most athletes are well aware of the benefits of regular massage, it’s still not common knowledge that a massage regimen can support immune health and vitality for anyone. Those working a desk job place high levels of strain on the body by hunching over a screen all day. Massage therapy combats these habits by elongating the muscles and stimulating the lymph system.

A single 60-minute session helps flush toxins out of the body, relieve stress, and promote total body wellness. At Norwood Chiropractic, our staff are trained in multiple techniques to alleviate the aches and pains of daily modern life. Contact us to schedule a session and experience the magic of our Cincinnati massage therapist for yourself.