5 Common Myths about Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments are ideal for improving joint function so that  every joint in the human body can move properly. Too often, people  who could benefit from chiropractic adjustments don’t visit  a chiropractor in Cincinnati because they believe certain  misconceptions. If you’ve been injured and are considering seeing a  chiropractor, here are five common myths, along with the truths  about chiropractic adjustments.

It Doesn’t Hurt and The Noise You Hear Isn’t Grinding Bones

One of the most common misconceptions regarding chiropractic treatments is that it hurts because clients hear (what they think is) their bones grinding against each other.  The noise is actually due to built up pressure from the release of a joint so that the body heals properly.

The synovial joints of your spine produce what’s known as synovial fluid, which lubricates the spinal joint so that it can move and be nourished. When your chiropractor opens up a joint, gas is released, causing a popping sound. This is somewhat like gas bubbles being released when a champagne bottle is corked.  The noise has nothing to do with bones slamming into one another – that would be extremely painful.    If the noise bothers you, ask your chiropractor about using a noise-free method.

Chiropractic Treatments Are Designed for More Than Just Back Pain

Although chiropractors specialize in back and spine treatments, anyone can be helped from chiropractic treatments. If you have pain in other areas of your body, a chiropractor adjustment can help relieve symptoms. This is because the human body revolves around the spine. Therefore, if your spine is healthy, you’re more likely to have a healthy body.

You Don’t Have to Be in Pain to See a Chiropractor

Besides treat pain, chiropractic treatments are designed to prevent pain and injuries. Most people think that the only time to see a chiropractor is when they’re in pain.

If you’re in pain, you’ve probably procrastinated in getting help. Instead of being about how you feel, health is more about how your body is functioning. Even if you feel good, it helps to get a chiropractic assessment so that your chiropractor can spot problem areas before they become a big deal.

You Not Locked Into Lifetime Treatments

Often people avoid chiropractic treatments because they fear they’ll have to keep going for adjustments forever. Fortunately, the amount of visits totally depends on the patient. After determining the cause of your pain, your chiropractor will set up a targeted plan of treatment, which will include how many sessions will be needed to relieve your symptoms and finish your treatment.

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