Originally, this blog post was designed to help our current patients (and future patients) get to know us a little better.  We learned so much about each other. We hope you enjoy our secrets!

  1. Dr. Yost’s great-great-great (he doesn’t know exactly how many greats) grandfather was a dentist – he put ivory teeth in George Washington’s mouth.
  2. Dr. Yost played in the Little League World Series.
  3. In 2017, Dr. Bowen was voted as one of the top 7 ALL-TIME football players at Lakota East.
  4. At Dr. Bowen’s wedding, they experienced hurricane-like winds that caused virtually everything to blow over, break, blow away and even caused tables to catch fire.  It made the local news.
  5. Dr. Nabi graduated high school 20 pounds lighter than he started high school.  He’s 6’5”!
  6. Dr. Nabi loves to play guitar.  He has two and he has named them – a Taylor acoustic named Gwen, and an American Stratocaster named Lenny.
  7. Dr. White’s mother’s grandparents worked on his father’s grandparents’ farm in Santa Maria, Italy in the early 1900s. His parents learned this information early in their relationship.  Small world.
  8. Dr. White played in the Quebec International Hockey Tournament. The experience allowed him to understand “trash talk” in several different languages.
  9. Before Dr. Hodge went to chiropractic school, she worked as a front desk assistant at our Norwood office.
  10. Dr. Hodge played basketball at Denison University and her sophomore season they went 28-0.
  11. Kirsten made an appearance on The Price is Right.  She (and her friends) were placed in the front row.  They were shown several times because they were “dancing like fools.”
  12. Kirsten loves to travel.  Her goal is to visit all 50 states; she has already made it to 30.
  13. Annie can write holding a pen with her toes.  She really can.
  14. Before Annie started her massage training, she was in college studying classical music and vocal performance (singing classical music, opera, etc.).  We are grateful she found massage!
  15. One of Alexis’s grandfathers helped build the motor that won a Daytona 500.
  16. If there was an award for “Best Aunt,” Alexis would win – hands down.  (Guess who wrote that one )
  17. Brenda was one of the first girls to play on the boys’ little league team “way back when.”
  18. Brenda used to go to Little Miami Whitewater Park and pretend that she was a roller derby player.  She would race around the track as fast as she could, making all sorts of moves.
  19. Ashton was a qualifier in the National DECA Business Competition held in Atlanta.
  20. Ashton was a 4-H member and showed hogs, chickens and even turkeys.
  21. Kelsey did a year of service with AmeriCorps after college in eastern Kentucky.
  22. Kelsey played a year of college lacrosse at the College of Mount Saint Joseph.
  23. Chelsea has hiked Machu Picchu three times!
  24. Chelsea has sung the National Anthem at countless sporting events.
  25. Christina was valedictorian of her high school class.
  26. Christina’s family had 4 different foreign exchange students live with them for a year each when she was growing up.

26.1. Mallory has watched the movie Jurassic Park over 1000 times.

26.2.  Mallory was on a jump rope team for six years.