Internship Opportunity

Internship, Preceptorship

Functional Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Internship Program

– Currently enrolled Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Physician assistants, Pre-Medical, Pre-Physical Therapy students that are enrolled in an accredited University.
– Application Completed (Due: TBA)
– Letter of Recommendation attached
– Resume Attached

Purpose of Program:

– Educate students on various roles of health care professionals and expose students to the role of a physician in rehabilitation. Program will include exposure in the following areas of Functional Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine:

o Functional Rehabilitation: Working with a physician; aggressive program designed to fully return patients to their pre-injury level of play, focusing on flexibility, muscle strength, power, balance, agility and functional coordination or body control

o Clinic Rotation: Work closely with a physician in the clinic setting. Experience all aspects of patient care from documentation, diagnostic testing, and home exercise programs

o Return to Play Program: Observe and participate in injury prevention program through Functional Movement Screening and other functional screen protocol(s) with the purpose of improving athletic performance and return to play. Our office sees atheltes at the high school, collegiate and professional levels across a variety of sports.

Fall Term: August – November

Spring Term: January – April

Summer Term: July-September

Internship Completion Requirement:
– Upon completion of final written and practical evaluation, each participant will be provided with a certification of completion.
– Study material will be provided with emphasis on strength and conditioning principles alongside sports physiology

*Please note, if seeking academic credit interns are responsible for obtaining and meeting their specific program requirements.

 Submit application to [email protected]


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