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What Is The BEST Office Chair?

What Is The BEST Office Chair? One of my best friends texted me the following recently, “Do you have an office chair you suggest for helping with lower back pain?” The answer to that question may surprise you.  The best office chair appears to be no chair at all....

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5 Ks to Fulls

5 Ks to Fulls Every year we help hundreds of runners and walkers prepare for their event.  It is very rewarding to watch someone work through a training season and finish their event successfully.  Some seek our knowledge and skill set to resolve an injury while...

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Why Are You Stretching?

Why Are You Stretching? “What stretches can I do to help my _____?”  This is the most common question we (as clinicians) get asked on a daily basis.  It must be human nature for us to assume that injuries result from a lack of flexibility and that we can stretch them...

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State of the A.R.T.

State of the A.R.T. Medical experts classify injuries in two different ways: “acute” and “overuse.” An acute injury is something that has a single, identifiable cause; for example, if you fall off a ladder and break your arm, that’s an...

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5 Common Myths about Chiropractic

5 Common Myths about Chiropractic Chiropractic adjustments are ideal for improving joint function so that  every joint in the human body can move properly. Too often, people  who could benefit from chiropractic adjustments don’t visit  a chiropractor in...

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Why Won’t My Heel Pain Go Away?

Why Won’t My Heel Pain Go Away? If you’ve ever been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis you know the classic symptoms are very sharp heel pain first thing in the morning or after prolonged sitting. The pain can be so severe that it feels like you are stepping...

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How do you get rid of tennis elbow?

How do you get rid of Tennis Elbow? Chiropractors treatingTennis Elbow We see a lot of “tennis elbow” cases that have not responded to traditional treatment methods. Why is this? The classic symptoms are sharp pain around the lateral portion of the elbow...

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Which Type Of Headache Are You?

Headaches are difficult to diagnose. There are plenty of potential causes of headaches and a thorough history and examination must be performed to increase the odds of an accurate diagnosis. Even with the background information and evaluation often times we are still...

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